The pool shop QMA-MORAIRA supplies the best chemicals and treatments for pools, selected or developped by our Chemist.

All the chemicals, when required by their chemical formula, have been Homologated by Health Spanish Dpt. for Pools, according the REACH rules of European Union. Technical and Safety Data Sheet are available for all our chemicals.

Pool chemicals are concentrated and toxic, it is not recommended to buy and apply the chemicals without the assesment of qualified staff of QMA. Accidents, danger, or errors should be avoided.

Our special service included in the price includes free chemical tests, free visits in situ and free advice to apply chemicals. A full service offered by our Chemist, unique in our area.


1- Solid Chlorine:
- Chlorine tablets in 5 Kg and 25 Kg. To release chlorine slowly and continously.
- Chlorine Granules, slow dissolution in 5 Kg and 25 Kg. For local attack of green and black algae. - Chlorine Granules, quick dissolution in 5 Kg and 25 Kg. To shock pool, for green pools, and to raise chlorine level when low.

2- Liquid chlorine:
- Sodium hypochlorite, 150 gr/lt concentration, in 10 lt and 25 lt. To shock pools, for green and cloudy pools, or to dosify liquid with dosifying pump.

3- Bromine:
- Bromine tablets in 5 Kg and 20 Kg. For indoor pools, spas, etc.

4- pH correctors:
- Salfumant, liquid in 5 lt and 30 lt, to reduce pH.
- pH minus, solid, sodium bisulphate,in 6 Kg and 25 Kg, to reduce pH.
- pH plus, solid, sodium carbonate, in 3,5 kg and 25, to increase pH.

5- Natural treatments:

- NMP, natural and special treatment for bathers allergic to chlorine. Based in special sea salt. It can be used aswell as algicide. In 2 lt and 5 lt.
- Alkalinity, sodium bicarbonate, in 5 kg and 25 kg. Natural chemical balance.

6- Algicide treatment:
- Killer, liquid in 2 lt and 5 lt. Special, unique, and only once a year addition, to kill green and black algae.

7- Clarifying treatments:
- Flocculant granules, to floc pool water. - Flocculant tablets, to help water filtration. - Flocculant liquid, to floc pool water.

8- Other treatments/chemicals:
- Water line cleaner (solar lotions)
- Coagulant by filtration to elliminate solar lotions.
- Chemical sealer for small estructural leaks.
- Antical treat. To redisolve calcium in surfaces without emptying pool.
- Salt for pools, in granules, in 25 Kg bags.
- Salt for softeners, in tablets, in 25 Kg bags

9 Filter Media:
- Sand
- Zeolite
- Glass